Technical capacitation of our employee and partners (Bachelors in Law, Accountants, Engineers and paralegal university students in areas of common interest)

Free Advice Prior in analyzing documents in order not to undergo the daily demands of the Corporate department

Speed in performing services before public agencies from simple constitutions processes and contract changes, to large acquisitions, mergers or demergers

Bidding processes obtainment of certificates and assistance in legal and technical empowerment

National coverage, specialized partners, coordinated by our Team in any State of the federation

Expertise in mergers/acquisitions with full “due diligence” support for certificates, patrimonial survey, responses after the “closing” of operations nationwide

Customization in regards to fees, with flexibility according to the work demand and needs of each client

Representation of foreign companies and acting as administrator of the Brazilian subsidiaries (direct and indirect administration)

• in 2009 we created a new company, managed by the same partners, offering the same quality of services as HERA in fiscal, accounting and Human Resources services. We have a team of (bilingual) Accountants, Accounting Clerks and HR Managers. Find out more: SIGMA FISCAL [www.sigmafiscal.com.br]
If you are interested in receiving our references, we could forward you the e-mail or telephone of some of our clients in order for you to obtain these recommendations.

Avenida Rebouças, 3482
Jardim Paulistano - São Paulo SP

phone: +55 11 3283.3767


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