HERA CORP. is a company of PARALEGALS that has been operating since 1999 with focus on serving law firms and administrative | legal departments of companies who are outsourcing services.

HERA CORP. represents its clients before public agencies requesting the issuing of documents for individuals and corporations, of movable and immovable assets, permits, licenses and various reports, performing registrations, changes and terminations of records and registries. It manages services and activities, organizes data files and monitors document validity date. It settles debts and credits, determines and pays taxes and fees, requests exemptions, cancellations, installment of debts or suspension of their payments, refund of overpayments and the receiving of compensation, insurance, savings and pensions, solving all daily business dilemmas of their clients “secundum legem”.

HERA CORP. has secured from reputable law firms to large business groups. The continuity of these relations is the clear proof of the efficiency of HERA CORP. in the performance of all that is entrusted to it.


Adopting a work philosophy that believes that there is no need to create difficulties to sell facilities, HERA CORP.’s mission is to Provide Solutions with Privacy, Speed and Efficiency.

Avenida Rebouças, 3482
Jardim Paulistano - São Paulo SP

phone: +55 11 3283.3767

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